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Letter from the CEO
July 20th, 2022

After I finished college at McNeese, I spent a couple of years teaching and coaching at a small school in Lake Charles.  I enjoyed that time, but I had an opportunity to open my own business at an early age and decided to make a career change.  I went into the sporting goods business and that subsequently led me to another business venture which became Action Specialties.  The start-up of this business turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  In those early years, I was fortunate to have people believe and trust in me enough to buy some products from my business and also tell their friends and family about their experience with Action.  My early customers at Action helped us to launch and grow a solid business and I can’t thank them enough for all the support over the years.  Many of these customers still do business with us – Aggreko, Diamond Offshore, Danos, Fluid Crane, Charter Supply, Parker Drilling, and Supreme Services, to name a few.  To those customers, and the other 1,000+ customers that do business with us every year, please know that we deeply appreciate your confidence in us.


We always try to continue to earn your trust by doing business with integrity, providing quality products, quoting fair prices, and, most importantly, delivering exceptional customer service.  When you buy something from Action, we know that we must produce something that will look good and proudly represent your brand.  We also want you to feel special when you deal with anyone at Action.  To me, our customer experience is everything. 

I know that there are times when we don’t meet your expectations.  We try hard but we’re human, and unfortunately, we occasionally drop the ball.  When that happens, please let us know.  I promise you that if you let me know when we don’t live up to our own Action standards of extraordinary service, I will personally make it right.  This happened with a good customer recently and I’m so glad we had a relationship that allowed us to have a candid conversation and an opportunity to correct the situation.  Again, our customer experience is everything!


Many of our customers share the same values as we have here at Action.  This often leads us to support “common causes”.  This month, we were proud to sponsor T shirts for the Dreams Come True program. This provided every child that interviewed with the program with a specially designed T shirt.  It’s a small thing but it means a lot to a young person that is fighting a life-threatening illness.


We’re making it happen at Action and when our customers call, we always say “we can do that!”. 



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