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Letter from the CEO
June 15th, 2024

I played many sports growing up as a kid in Southern Louisiana.  Back then, we didn’t have as many options as kids have today.  Sports kept us active and taught me many lessons that have carried over into my life.  While I enjoyed the competition, the best part of the sports I played was being part of a team.  We relied on each other, helped to provide motivation, and took our wins and losses as a team.

Today, I still love watching sports and I also really like building and nurturing our team at Action.  We have a strong team that works hard, takes our jobs seriously, and works together to solve problems and make sure we keep our customers happy.  The process of completing an order goes through many departments and many hands.  It is important that we communicate effectively, identify areas for improvement, and all work from the same playbook.  The team at Action is special and we wouldn’t have achieved any business success without all of their contributions.

We also love supporting our local community and this month was no exception.  This past month we made some donations to the Solomon House and sponsored and participated in the Live Like Liam golf tournament.  These organizations are both local and the benefits that come from them stay local.  We like being a part of good stuff in our own back yard.

We’re making it happen at Action and when our customers call, we always say “we can do that!”.


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