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Letter from the CEO
Aug 11th, 2023

I was raised in an era where we said the pledge of allegiance to start every school day.  We always stood and faced the flag with our hand on our heart during the national anthem.  We were proud to be Americans and I haven’t changed.  I proudly served our country in the military and our business has been recognized as a Veteran-Owned Small Business.  We still believe in the foundational beliefs that have made this country and our business great.

We put a lot of emphasis on using US-based suppliers and buying from local companies.  A lot of our customers want products that say, “Made in the USA”.  American-made products come with the guarantee that the manufacturer meets American standards.  From cleaner manufacturing practices to health and safety product regulations, American-made goods are a responsible and environmentally friendly option for our customers.  A lot of our customers also want us to sew American flags on their work uniform sleeves or create caps and T-shirts with patriotic themes.  We like doing that stuff because we believe and share the same values

We also like to support local organizations that go out and help others that are not as fortunate as we are here in the USA.  We recently supported the Cajun Missionaries of Hope.  This group travels to Central America every year to provide much needed medical and dental services.  We were happy to be a small part of that.

We’re making it happen at Action and when our customers call, we always say “we can do that!”.


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