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Letter from the CEO
Feb 16th, 2023

The Mardi Gras season finished early this year, culminating last week with local parades and celebrations.  It is one of the many Louisiana traditions that I appreciate and enjoy.    It’s also one of the things that has made our Louisiana culture so unique along with our music, food, religion, and sports.   I’m proud of our heritage and strong traditions.

We also have a strong culture at Action.  It’s hard to describe but visitors to our facility often say they feel a positive vibe when they walk down our aisles and hallways.  We are customer focused, dedicated, caring, proud, and competitive.   Our team has evolved over the years, but our culture and values are still the same today as they were when we opened our doors in 1994.

Our team has really stepped up in getting more involvement from all departments in our business when it comes to supporting local charities.  This month, Dana Wilson stepped up to lead some fun activities to support Acadiana Spay Neuter.  This organization is dedicated to educating, advocating, rescuing, sheltering, and protecting animals.   We also had several team members visit a local assisted living facility on Valentine’s Day to present all of the residents with a personal Valentine’s card.  Team Action is at its best when we pull together to do things like this.

We’re making it happen at Action and when our customers call, we always say “we can do that!”.


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