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Letter from the CEO
May 16th, 2023

The month of May is usually hectic as school winds down, the weather improves, music festivals rev up, and people start getting ready for summer activities and vacations.  It’s also a time where many people in our area celebrate graduations, weddings, and family reunions. 


This year, my granddaughter, Laura, graduates from Catholic High School.  I am very proud of her and all that she has accomplished.  In fact, I don’t have enough space in this update to truly express how I feel about her.  So, congratulations to Laura and all of the young men and women that are receiving diplomas this year.  You have achieved a big milestone and should celebrate the completion of your academic journey.

Over the years, our business has been in the fortunate position to help people and companies celebrate special events.  We have been able to make these events unforgettable by connecting unique memories and accomplishments to personalize the occasion.  We have so many great ideas for gifts, signs, shirts, picture boards, banners, and all the little things that the guests will never forget.

We have been part of 50+ year anniversary celebrations, business grand openings, 100+ family member reunions, unbelievable milestone birthdays, and rewarding retirement parties.  If you have a big event coming up and want to make it memorable, we can help.


We like giving back and believe that it’s important to support our community.  This month we are proudly sponsoring Project Graduation for all of the high schools in Iberia Parish.   We have done this for many years – it’s a safe and fun event for the kids and we’re happy to be a small part of it.

We’re making it happen at Action and when our customers call, we always say “we can do that!”.


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