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Letter from the CEO
April 14th, 2022

We started our business in 1994 with a dream of helping our customers to enhance and promote their company brand and image.  That dream is now a reality for over 1,000 customers that we serve each year!  I’m proud of the team here at Action and appreciate the customers that have trusted us to help them to promote their businesses. 

We have continued to invest in new technology over the years and our production capacity is larger than ever.  Last month, we purchased a new screen print machine that will reduce our setup time by 60%.  We have also embarked on a journey to adopt Lean Manufacturing.  Our production team has gone through training and are conducting a series of Kaizen events to improve our efficiency.  We are also planning to implement a new inventory system which will help our customers by providing timely data on inventory levels, lead times, and alternative product options.

On the sales front, we are adding more people on both our direct and inside sales team to better serve our customers.  We have refreshed our web site and are adding more customer web stores.  Finally, our in-house company store is better than ever and we are constantly bringing in new merchandise that has been in high demand.

It’s exciting to invest in the growth of our business but we also know that we have an important role in supporting our local community.  During Q1, we supported a colon cancer awareness event, some local baseball teams and schools, a local hospital fund raiser, and the LA Open which provides support to numerous local charities.  In Texas, we again participated in the Shale Energy Resources tournament which supports a special needs school in Midland.  We are fortunate to be able to participate in these worthy causes.

We’re making it happen at Action and when our customers call, we always say “we can do that!”. 

As we head into the Easter weekend, I want to personally wish all of our employees and customers and their families a happy and blessed Easter.



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