July Summer Savings

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Huge savings on premium products + services!

Action Specialties is not just a vendor, we’re your behind-the-scenes branding partner! We know that budgets are important in today’s business landscape, but we have three big ways to keep your branding initiatives active and effective! Whether you need logo monogrammed polo shirts, screen printed tees, or upgraded neoprene koozies, we have a deal for you! For more info or to place your order, call us today at 855.699.6740!


Download the Flyer PDF

Ironclad + Kong Gloves

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70% of all recordable Oil and Gas Industry Incidents were a result of hand injuries. Don’t be a statistic!

Danos Zero Incidents

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Danos Does Safety Right

Danos Zero Recordables Banners

Our friends and customers at Danos are champions of safety! All of those years with “Zero Recordables” are absolutely a reason to celebrate. To commemorate those milestones, Action Specialties helped them show their pride by creating these custom drop-down banners.

Keep up the good work, Danos! Hopefully we’ll be adding one for 2015 at the end of the year!

Do you need custom banners, displays, signs, or other digital printing projects? Contact Us or browse our catalog today!

Super Summer Sale

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Three Ways to Save BIG for Summer

Action Specialties is not just a vendor, we’re your behind-the-scenes branding partner! We know that budgets are important in today’s business landscape, but we have three big ways to keep your branding initiatives active and effective! Whether you need logo monogrammed caps, screen printed tees, or custom decals, we have a deal for you! For more info or to place your order, call us today at 855.699.6740!

June Summer SalesDownload the PDF Flyer Here

IADC Onshore ’15

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Keeping a Pulse on the Oilfield, On & Offshore

IADC Drilling Onshore Conference and Exhibition

Action Specialties was a proud exhibitor for this year’s IADC Drilling Onshore Conference and Exhibition, Sponsored by CAD Control Systems. The only event of its kind dedicated solely to Land Drilling, the IADC Land Conference offers unique insight into the opportunities and current issues facing the onshore drilling environment worldwide.

With topics ranging from Market Outlooks, Water Sourcing, Regulatory Standards, “Leading Through Difficult Times,” and more, the conference drew Exhibitors and Attendees from around the nation.

Action Specialties has proudly been a long-standing supporter and member of the International Association of Drilling Contractors.

Danos Rocks the Oath

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Supporting Danos’ Mission for Safety

Danos Rockin' the Oath Safety Focus

For years, the fine folks at Danos have not only been customers of Action Specialties, but also our friends. One would be hard pressed to find a company in the marketplace that is more committed to its employees, corporate culture, and core values. In keeping with those values, each year, Danos holds a series of meetings that have been coined the “Safety Focus” series. And for years, Action Specialties has supported these great team-building events. This year’s Safety Focus Tour theme is “Rockin’ the Oath.”

Action Specialties’ own VP, Craig Landry was in attendance at this season’s event in Houma, LA. Providing the hottest promo and incentive products in the market, Action Specialties was proud to help Danos to encourage its employees not only to be safe, but to be smart on the job!

Let’s Festival!

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Action Specialties Returns as Official Merchandise Partner

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 11.34.27 AM

20150426_130505_resizedFor the last number of years, Action Specialties has been proud to be the official Merchandise Partner of Festival International de Louisiane. Festival International prides itself on not only being one of the top world music festivals on Earth, but it’s also FREE! The Festival International team works hard every year to come up with new funding strategies to try to keep the event free to the public. Part of this strategic mix is the sale of official Festival International merchandise!

Part of what makes Festival International great is the wide demographic of its attendees. Not only does the festival bring in locals from all walks of life, but music fans make the trip to the festival from across the globe! With this in mind, a one-size-fits-all merchandise plan just wouldn’t do. We brainstormed dozens of designs and garment selections with the Festival International staff and board members. Ultimately, we settled upon a comfortable and attractive set of tees as well as a number of new and exciting promotional and branded products, worthy of being a branding representation of Acadiana’s premier music festival!

Thanks to our friends and customers at Festival International de Louisiane for giving us the opportunity to show what we’re made of. Until next year, Happy Festival!

Best/Worst of Times

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Perspectives on the Oilfield at Home and Worldwide

Greater Iberia Chamber of Commerce Logo

Action Specialties has always had a close working relationship with the Oil and Gas Industry, with both of our locations, Houston and New Iberia, being in the heart of those industries. These regions which we call home have a deep and inextricable relationship with the energy industry and their local economies. Since day one, Action Specialties has been a strong supporter of these industries, a fact that we have put much pride in. Today, as we face some of the cyclical hardships that come along with that industry, companies across the board have turned an attentive eye to the developments of the oilfield.

Greater Iberia Chamber of Commerce Eggs and IssuesAction Specialties was proud to attend a special “State of the Industry” breakfast meeting entitled “Oil & gas: The Best of Times, The Worst of Times,” presented by the Greater Iberia Chamber of Commerce. Attendees were privy to a special keynote address from the President of the Louisiana Mid-Continent Oil & Gas Association, Chris John. Addressing some of the nation’s concerns while putting real numbers to the issues, John helped familiarize those in attendance with the truth of the issues facing the global Oil and Gas Industry. Illustrating the oilfields ups and downs of the oilfield throughout the decades, those in attendance were given a true view of the situation and provided with some perspective on how to make rational moves for the future.

We would like to thank not only the event’s speakers, but the team at the Greater Iberia Chamber of Commerce for putting together such a great event at such an important and daunting time for our region. It is our hope that all in attendance left the event with some direction, as well as a little bit of peace of mind.

Greater Iberia Chamber of Commerce Eggs & Issues

Greater Iberia Chamber of Commerce Eggs & Issues

Safety at SWESE

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Presented by T&D Solutions

logoThis year marked the 127th Southwest Electric Safety Exchange Conference, one of the longest-standing and respected gatherings of its kind. The event took place at the MCM Elegante Hotel in Beaumont, Texas, and hosted some of the leading names in the industry.

The 127th SWESE Conference was an event filled with industry insights and talks, showcasing a number of roundtable discussions that touched on some of the most timely and important topics in today’s electrical environment. In addition, manufacturers and vendors of essential goods and services relating to the industry got the chance to show their wares and meet with the decision makers for some of these prestigious companies and organizations.


Action Specialties was proud to display and act as a hospitality sponsor for this event. This afforded us some great one-on-one time with some of our existing customers, and the opportunity to meet with prospective buyers as well as industrial thought leaders alike. We are proud to have been a part of this event, and we are thankful for the professional relationships that will most certainly grow from this great conference.


We’re Off to the Races

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Evangeline Downs’ Semicentennial Celebration

Evangeline Downs Shirts

Here at Action Specialties, we’re seeing Blue and Purple! Our friends and customers at Evangeline Downs Racing and Evangeline Downs Hotel are proudly “Celebrating 50 Years of Racing in Acadiana!” We ran thousands and thousands of each of these celebratory tees to help them commemorate this awesome milestone. Congratulations to the folks at Evangeline Downs!


Meeting Milliken

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Trusted Authorities in FR Technology

Milliken_Logo_NewEach day, thousands of workers around the globe trust Milliken with their lives. Through the use of their fabrics and  the FR apparel that utilizes these technologies, Milliken/Westex makes sure that the world’s workforce is safer each day. Action Specialties had the distinct honor of visiting the Milliken campus in Spartanburg, South Carolina, where we were given a tour of the company grounds as well as their beautiful arboretum. We are incredibly grateful to have such close working relationships with out manufacturers, business partners, and apparel providers around the nation. To the fine folks at Milliken, we appreciate your hospitality and admire your corporate and philanthropic initiatives.

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 3.11.24 PM

Catalogs by Color

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Your Colors, Your Perfect Apparel

Browse Apparel by Color

Have you ever tried to flip through a 200+ page catalog, searching for the perfect shirt, shorts, or jacket in the exact color you need? If you have, you know it can be pretty frustrating. So with that in mind, we’re taking all of the page-flipping frustration out of the apparel process. Check out our new printable apparel catalog that is separated by color, and consists of ONLY our best sellers! Quick, Convenient, COLOR!

Now Open in Houston!

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Bringing 20 Years of Experience to Houston


After serving customers in the Texas remotely from their Louisiana headquarters, the team at Action Specialties is laying roots in Texas, establishing their second physical location in the heart of Houston.

Action Specialties Houston Texas

For the last 20 years, Action Specialties has been Louisiana’s premier, full-service destination for printing, apparel, garment decoration and alteration, and safety products for industries of all types and sizes. Serving both local and international customers from their 40,000 square headquarters in New Iberia, Louisiana, the company has built a reputation for knowledge, selection, and professionalism. In addition to an outstanding record of professional service, Action Specialties has also set a precedent for investment in the communities in which they serve, organizing grass-roots fundraisers and community reinvestment initiatives.
The new home of Action Specialties’ Texas Sales Team boasts a state of the art show room featuring digital catalogs and presentation capabilities as well as a wide selection of products and apparel that is designed to help customers build visual branding equity while complying with the ever-evolving nature of their respective industries. With unparalleled selection and manufacturer access, Action Specialties offers a unique value proposition to its customers: selection of products combined with the expertise and knowledge that only comes with 20+ years of experience.

“We’ve been in business for a long time,” commented Action Specialties’ President, Lenny Lipari. “We’re excited to have the opportunity to serve our Texas customers face to face instead of just over phone and email. We’re looking forward to being a part of the Houston community and bringing our knowledge and expertise to help our Texas customers build their brands.”

The Houston Showroom and Sales Office is located near Houston’s Energy Corridor, at 9000 Clay Road, Suite 106. Come in, check out our products on display, and meet the team. We’d love to see and hear from all of our Texas customers!

Keep on Jeepin’ On

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Flexible Merchandise Solutions

Louisiana Jeepers is one of the leading philanthropic automotive hobby clubs in the state of Louisiana. Jeep owners are proud of their vehicles, and are equally as proud of the clubs which they choose to be a part of. In the case of Louisiana Jeepers, the club is a recognized non-profit organization. As with most non-profit entities, funds are typically tight. The group focuses on giving back to the community, but also must maintain a focus on the dues-paying members of the organization. The members of the club come from all walks of life and are comprised of members of all age and demographic groups. For this reason, creating merchandise that is universally appealing to all of the members can be quite daunting.

Luckily for the Louisiana Jeepers, Action Specialties has incredibly low minimums for monogrammed and embroidered items. Once your logo is set up to stitching specifications, you’re good to go! The merchandise coordinator for the group selected a number of appealing styles with all of the members in mind, and Action Specialties quickly stitched their logos on those caps. The end result was a wide range of logoed apparel with something to offer each member of their club, no matter their age or style preference!

Louisiana Jeepers Caps

200 Feet of Wrap!

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Over 200 Feet of Wrap Material on One Boat!

When your weekend getaway is a 46-foot nautical monster, not just any finish will do! When weighing the options of the exterior finishings of boats of this size, one must take many variables into account. The prolonged, almost perpetual exposure to the elements leaves the hull at the mercy of the sun. Paired with the exposure to the wearing waters of the Gulf of Mexico and beyond, many options for decorating these vessels are immediately ruled out. Aside from the material considerations, the sheer size of the watercraft cannot be understated.

Boat Wrap 1
Knowing that the choice of print media would have to be both durable and worthy of display on a boat with as much appeal as this custom watercraft, Action Specialties put together a plan to apply over 200 feet of specialized, heavy duty print wrap. Of course, the design of such a project would prove to be just as important as the application itself. With all of these important factors in mind, Action Specialties assembled the team of certified wrap application specialists and got to work! We placed more than 200 feet of vinyl wrap material to the sides of this massive vessel. That’s nearly 20 stories!

As if this vessel wasn’t already a spectacle to behold, the end result was a clean, polished finish with beautiful graphics worth of this masterfully crafted boat. We are thankful for having had the opportunity to put our special touch on this incredible watercraft!

Boat Wrap Finished

Hero Hunts Hits the Road

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Action Specialties Helps Get Hero Hunts Seen

If you aren’t familiar with the incredible work that Hero Hunts does, imagine a non-profit like the Wounded Warrior Project, but local! They offer guided hunts and expeditions to US war veterans who might not otherwise ever get that opportunity. This includes those injured in the line of duty. When the group approached us to help them decorate their new transport trailer, we know that we had to do something that would turn heads on the highway! We went with a brushed aluminum style decal layout that was effective, and more importantly, Highly Visible! These guys deserve all the recognition in the world, and we were happy to be given the opportunity to help them spread their name!

Check them out online, learn more about their mission, and discover how you can get involved with this great organization by clicking here!



Power Your Promos

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Give Your Branding Promotions a Jolt!

Sometimes it takes a little something special to give your promotional initiatives a Jolt! That’s where Action Specialties comes in. We’ve got what it takes to breathe new life into stale branding plans. Just think of us as your emergency backup system! Call our branding professionals at (855) 699-6740 today!

Aggreko Power Promotional Products

Wrapping with Ray

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Ray Chevrolet: Driving & Advertising


Ray Chevrolet in Abbeville, LA is one of the regions leaders in wholesale parts distribution. Serving mechanics and shops spanning from Texas to Florida, their delivery fleet racks up thousands of miles each week. And while the long-standing billboards that Ray Chevrolet normally utilizes are a good part of a well-rounded marketing mix, there were opportunities to make the company’s marketing and advertising dollars go even farther, literally!

Because of the number of potential impressions that each deliver vehicle can influence on a daily basis, the team decided to apply an affordable “3/4 vehicle wrap” to three of Ray Chevrolet’s delivery fleet vehicles. With an attractive and informative graphic, the delivery drivers are now moving marketers for their employers! Additionally, the vehicle wrap provides some measure of accountability for delivery drivers, as the fleet wrap also features prominent points of contact for Ray Chevrolet. Visibility + Accountability. Now THAT is a winning combination!

Check out the images below, and contact us for ideas on how we can revamp your marketing and branding initiatives!


Rollin’ Out the Red

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Ragin’ Cajun Orientation is in Full Swing

UL Orientation Monogram

Our embroidery machines are rolling with ULL RED! There’s a whole new crop of Ragin’ Cajuns coming to campus soon, and we’re working on shirts for the UL Lafayette Orientation crew! They’ll help these new students get acclimated to their new surroundings in STYLE!

Action Specialties is a proud partner and provider for the ULL Ragin’ Cajuns!



A New Era of Color

Posted in: We Did That! on February 18th, 2015

A New Decoration Trend is Here!

Are you tired of detailed, screen-printed logos that feel more like heavy decals than decorative print? Action Specialties has the solution… Infusion! When combined with our industry-leading, light and breathable garment styles, this new decoration method melds logos and artwork with the fabric itself! Gone are the clunky, clingy, heavy designs of the past. Create a project that is quite literally, untouchable! For more information, call us at (855) 699-6740 or Browse the sprint catalog instantly!

TM Infusion

Wear Your Mardi Gras Spirit

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Mardi Gras Tees that are Sure to Please!

YouTube Preview Image

Mardi Gras is upon us! Do you need last minute Krewe shirts, party tees or other festive items? There’s still time if you order FAST! Choose from some of our stock items and have your Mardi Gras shirts ready for the festivities. Action Specialties, We Can Do That!

Team Action Takes Vegas

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Action Specialties at the 2015 PPAI Expo

Each year, promotional products manufacturers and wholesalers take to Vegas for the largest promo industry trade show on Earth! Filling the space at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center, thousands of new products are put on display each year. From apparel to promotional giveaways, there is always something new and exciting to see at this premier expo. Additionally, the team is able to meet with vendors and help build relationships, passing along those benefits to you, our loyal customers!

Action Specialties PPAI Expo 2015


YouTube Preview Image

Team Action’s January Blood Drive

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Giving Back, Helping Our Community

Statistics show that the holidays are one of the year’s most demanding times when it comes to the need for blood donations. For this reason, Action Specialties is proud to host its seasonal blood donation drive, fueled by our friends at United Blood Services! We are always thankful to give back to the community that has given us so much over our 20 years in business!

Action Specialties United Blood Services

Golfing with the Cajuns

Posted in: Events, Press Room, We Did That! on October 22nd, 2014

Team Action Hits the Green with the Ragin’ Cajuns

ULLogoEach year, the Ragin’ Cajun Athletic Foundation hosts its Athletic Golf Tournament Fundraiser. Much more than a simple way to raise money for ULL’s athletic endeavors, the event serves as a point of pride for those taking place in the event, all while giving back to the university that has helped build so many economic opportunities here in Acadiana.

With a sold-out roster, 2014 marks the 13th year for the golf scramble. The teams took to the greens of Clubs of Kingwood in Houston, TX. Among those teams was Team Action! Throughout the last few years, our relationship with the University of Louisiana at Lafayette has grown into a valued, mutually beneficial partnership that goes above and beyond its business implications. We are proud to support the Ragin’ Cajuns and we look forward to our next opportunity to show that support!

RC Golf Banner

Arc Golf Classic ’14

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The Arc and Team Action Scramble for a Cause

Arc Acadiana Golf Banner




Arc of Acadiana Logo PNGAction Specialties was proud to take part in The Arc of Acadiana’s Annual Charity Golf Classic! For the past 10 years, businesses and organizations have come together for one cause: Raising awareness and providing assistive funds for those living with disabilities. This year, 60 teams took to the greens of The Wetlands Golf Course here in Lafayette, LA. Mulligans were bought and taken, good times were had, and three winning teams were crowned. But most of all, funds were raised to help further the mission of The Arc of Acadiana!

In addition to being the 10th year for the fundraising event, The Arc of Acadiana is celebrating 60 years of service to the Acadiana area this year! We’re proud to have taken part in this benchmark event and look forward to many more years of involvement with their great organization!

Stone Energy Gumbo ’14

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100 Cooking Teams, 1 Cause

Stone Gumbo 2014Action Specialties was a proud sponsor of the 2014 Stone Energy Gumbo Cook Off! Celebrating its third year, the Gumbo Cook Off benefits the United Way of Acadiana. A $10 donation gained attendees access to fud, fun, music, and much more! With Sammy Kershaw headlining the entertainment and more than 100 teams cooking gumbo, ready to sample, it was an event that’s just like your grandma’s secret gumbo recipe… too good to pass up!

Action Specialties designed, printed, and donated the tee shirts for this great, fundraising event, and we can’t wait until 2015! C’mon Gumbo Weather!



New Iberia World Gumbo Cookoff 2014

Posted in: Events, Press Room, We Did That! on October 11th, 2014

Time to Find Out Whose Roux Rules!

 New Iberia Gumbo Cook Off 2014Taking place in historic and beautiful Main Street New Iberia, the World Championship Gumbo Cookoff draws cooking teams from around the US and abroad to put their rouxs to the test. Hundreds of teams compete, but only a few emerge victorious! With categories ranging from “best tasting” to “most comical” competitors, there is something for everything at this world-class event.

As an active supporter of the Greater Iberia Chamber of Commerce and the community as a whole, Action Specialties is always a proud participant in the cookoff. This year, Action Specialties brought home a trophy in the comedic skit category. Now THAT will look good in the trophy case!

ACS Fore a Cure

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Action Specialties Supports the American Cancer Society

ACS Golf 14

The American Cancer Society’s Fore a Cure Corporate Golf Classic took place on October 10 at the beautiful Koasati Pines Golf Course in Kinder, LA. More than just your typical golfing fundraiser, the 2-day event featured a live auction, a casino slot tournament, golf scramble, and much more!


With an Executive Chair and Committee comprised of the Who’s Who of the region’s Oil and Gas Industry, Action Specialties is proud to not only take part in the event, but to call these volunteers and organizers our friends and customers. Cancer is a foe that Team Action is all too familiar with. With it hitting us so close to home, we are always very proud to help combat this terrible affliction. Thanks to the American Cancer Society and all of those who participated in this great event.

Lafayette Oilman’s Sporting Clays 2014

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Shooting Clays for a Cause

LafOilmansLogo2014For yet another year running, the Lafayette Oilman’s Sporting Clay Shoot was a great success! With proceeds going towards engineering scholarships at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Action Specialties was a proud hospitality sponsor of this great cause.

Hundreds of shooters from the Oil and Gas Industry took to the GOL Shooting Facility to have a good time and raise funds for a worthy cause. Action Specialties cooked up some great food for the attendees and got a chance to spend some quality time with our friends and customers taking part in the event. We stand behind the Lafayette Oilman’s organization and their philanthropic efforts.

Action Helps Paint the Town Pink

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12,000 Tee Shirts, 1 Great Cause!

Action Specialties is the proud merchandise provider AND Courage Sponsor of Opelousas General Health System’s “Paint the Town Pink” Campaign!

As we approach Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we are as excited as ever to be a part of this great cause, and we can’t wait to see these tees flooding Acadiana! Thank you to our friends at OGH for allowing us to be a part of the effort!

Paint Town Pink Action Logo

Action Thinks Pink!

Posted in: Events, Press Room, We Did That! on October 1st, 2014

Not Just Supporters but SURVIVORS!

Action Specialties prides itself on not just being a team, but a family. We’ve got three of the strongest women that we know, working right here at Action Specialties, that are survivors of breast cancer. We’re so proud to be able to call them coworkers, friends, and family. They’re living proof that there IS hope for those diagnosed with cancer, and they inspire us each and every day, not JUST in October! Continue reading Action Thinks Pink!

Golfing Against ALS

Posted in: Charity, Events, Press Room on September 27th, 2014

Team Action at the Knight Oil Tools Golf Tourney

Knight Oil Tools ALS GolfAt Action Specialties, we make it a point to try to support the philanthropic efforts of our friends and customers. With this commitment in mind, Team Action took to the greens of the Jay and Lionel Hebert Golf Course to Golf to Defeat ALS!

Team Action Specialties Knight GolfCongratulations to our friends at Knight Oil Tools for planning and executing such a successful and meaningful event!

ESPN Garments in the Game

Posted in: Press Room, We Did That! on September 16th, 2014

Action Specialties Outfits ESPN 1420

ESPN Shirt DetailWhether your team works in an office or out in the field, you want them to look good! The folks at ESPN 1420 regularly take their show on the road, covering local and regional sports, broadcasting live, and working in the public eye. When you’re out and about so much for work, you’ve got to make sure that your apparel program looks great and stands up well under pressure in the field. We were thrilled to create some premium Antigua polos for their crew! Thanks to ESPN and Townsquare media for the opportunity. See you at the game!
Continue reading ESPN Garments in the Game

Ahead of the Holidays

Posted in: Press Room, We Did That! on September 15th, 2014

It’s officially fall, and we’ve hit a big milestone for the year… Less than 100 Days Until Christmas! Now that might sound like a long time, but when it comes to putting together a great Holiday Gift program for your employees or customers, you can never start “too early!”

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