Promo Products/ Corporate Apparel

Here at Action Specialties, we are Promotional Product, Workwear, and Corporate Apparel Experts! We have close relationships with dozens of manufacturers, allowing us negotiate the very best price possible for YOU. Take a look at some of the catalogs from some of our preferred distributors.

By using the search box below, you can find specific items, such as “Ceramic Mugs” or “Golf Shirts.” Not sure what you are looking for? Just click through a couple of catalogs and get some ideas! If you need a little help deciding or finding the perfect item for you, give us a call at 855-699-6740.

My procurement career began in 1989. I met Craig Landry, while he was working with another company presented as a very reputable and reliable supplier for our safety and promotional products. Once he began with Action Specialties the quality and dependability only became stronger. Action Specialties and their associates are a trusted supplier and they constantly meet our urgent requirements as requested. Action’s knowledge of what our customers safety requirements are keeps us on top of the game. I would recommend Action Specialties due to their superior service, knowledge and professionalism.

Rosalee Baker, at Formerly Frontier Drilling, Now BassDrill